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Accelerec: The future of talent discovery at your fingertips with AI-driven efficiency and precision. Upgrade your hiring game with us today!

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Recruitment Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Tracking Applications, Shortlists, Interviews, and More

Gain Insight into Your Ongoing Recruitment Operations, Including Application Counts, Shortlisted Candidates, Scheduled Interviews, New Talent Pool Additions, Graphical Representation of Hiring Timeline, and Customise Your Additional Features.

Streamlined Job Management

  • Effortlessly Access Job Listings and Candidate Information

All posted job listings are accessible on this page. When you click on a specific job, you will have access to view the candidates who have applied for the position or have been sourced from the talent pool. Furthermore, you can review their scores, preview or download their résumés. Additionally, clicking here will provide you with the job description.

Seamless Interview Management

  • Effortless Access to Scheduled Interviews and Candidate Details

In the ‘Schedule’ section, you will find a list of upcoming candidate interviews. Clicking on a scheduled interview allows you to access comprehensive information about the candidate and the interview itself. Moreover, you have the option to initiate the interview directly from this page.

Efficient Talent Sourcing and Management

  • Your Comprehensive Talent Pool Solution

Talent pool has the capability to locate a suitable candidate for specific positions by adding keywords into the search function. Our AI system will then generate results based on your criteria, ensuring the best match. Additionally, you can maintain candidate profiles, by checking their scores, reviewing their résumés and transferring them to a job directly from the talent pool.

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"Accelerec has transformed our recruitment process with its intuitive interface and robust functionalities. The platform's standout features, including comprehensive analytics and candidate screening tools, have empowered our team to make informed decisions and enhance overall recruitment strategies. Outstanding experience!"

Wazia Zainab

Head HR & Talent Acquisition

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