Enhancing Talent Acquisition With AI Screening, Parsing, and Scoring

Optimized Data Storage and Management

Building a Reservoir of

Optimize your hiring with our robust talent pool that gives you a curated collection of top candidates, streamlining recruitment, saving time and resources

Enhancing Hiring Precision
with Candidate Profiling

Candidate profiling helps you in gaining deeper insights into applicants, enabling better-informed hiring decisions and ensuring the right fit for your organization. You can also see candidate’s score and preview their résumé for a comparative analysis

Flexibility and System Scalability

Accelerate Your Hiring With Accelerec's Interview Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule interviews with Accelerec’s own calendar. We are also integrated with Microsoft Teams, which simplifies the process by saving time and giving you the chance to get back to what matters most; discovering top talent. Additionally, you can share your availability with candidates effortlessly, even when rescheduling.

Effortless Interviews & Customised Feedbacks

Now with Accelerec’s built-in video conferencing, you can conduct interviews with the candidate. You can select or create a question template that will be visible to the recruiter only, during the interview. You can also add feedback notes, these can be viewed later on the candidate profile once saved.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Calendar With Microsoft Teams

Accelerec now offers Microsoft Teams integration, enabling you to sync your calendar and streamline interviews. Excitingly enough, we are open to exploring additional integrations for your convenience.

AI Powered Assessments

Pre-Assessments- Manually Crafted & Chat GPT Generated

Elevate your candidate assessment with Accelerec’s Pre-assessment tests. Define your criteria, and accordingly, candidates meeting desired scores will receive test links via email. Whether you’d like to craft tests yourself or with Chat GPT’s assistance, we’ve got you covered!

Decipher Emotions with the Power of Sentiment Analysis

If you are having a hard time assessing the sentiments and behavior of your candidate, know that Accelerec has your back! With our Sentiment Analysis, we will now assist you with analyzing the behavior of each candidate. Whether the candidate is happy, sad, nervous or lying, our AI accurately detects and guides you to make more informed decisions.

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