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Accelerec is a valuable HR tool that streamlines the hiring process. It offers efficiency by automating tasks, aids in organising candidate data, saves time through automated screening, scoring résumés & provides best matched candidate with the job description, enhances the candidate experience, provides data insights, promotes integration, and scales with growing applicant volumes. In essence, Accelerec makes hiring more efficient, compliant, and user-friendly for all involved.

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At Accelerec, we aim to lead in Recruitment globally, while setting new industry standards for hiring excellence. We aspire to create a world where every organisation can effortlessly identify and engage with the perfect candidates according to their requirements, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. By continuously pushing the boundaries of AI technology, we seek to empower businesses to achieve their strategic objectives by attracting top-tier talent with speed, precision, and a human touch.

What Can You Achieve With Accelerec?



Streamline and automate your hiring process with Accelerec. Manage job postings, collect applications, and track candidates while significantly reducing administrative burden on HR teams.



Accelerec allows for better organisation of candidate data. We centralise all information, making it easy to search, sort, and access candidate profiles.

Time Saving


Accelerec reduces time spent on reviewing résumés. We can screen and rank candidates based on specific criteria, saving time while leveraging professionals to focus on qualifying candidates

Improved Candidate Experience

Candidates can use our job link for seamless application, while recruiters can track, communicate and retain them easily. Thus, enhancing candidate experience overall.

Cost Saving


The need for manual paperwork and administrative overhead is minimised by automating numerous tasks while improving efficiency and reducing cost per hire.

Talent Pool Management

Accelerec can help organisations build and maintain a database of potential candidates for future openings. This is especially useful for companies that frequently hire for similar roles.

Integration with Other HR Systems

We can offer integration with other HR systems, such as onboarding, payroll, and performance management systems, creating a more seamless HR ecosystem.


By reducing the need for physical applications and paperwork, Accelerec contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable hiring process.

Driving Diversity

Your Fair Hiring Partner

Unbiased Excellence: Accelerec's Bias-busting Algorithms

Accelerec uses algorithms that are trained to eliminate biases, ensuring that each candidate is assessed solely on their qualifications and experience.

Our Network for Diverse & Inclusive Hiring

The platform actively sources candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and networks, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Constant Learning for Fairness & Equity

The system continuously learns and adapts, becoming even more fair and accurate over time.

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